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Welcome to the PBA Website!

The PBA (Pionus Breeders Association) is an avian specialty group, dedicated exclusively to the breeding and well-being of Pionus parrots, both in captivity and in the wild.

Our website, designed and maintained by Board member Russ Shade, is meant to acquaint you with this wonderful and fascinating genus of parrots, and to introduce you to the PBA. We hope that you enjoy the website...that you learn from it...and, most importantly, that you find an interest in our wonderful Pionus parrots.

A membership in the PBA offers many benefits - not only do we publish an educational Newsletter for our members four times per year, your membership in the PBA allows you to communicate and interact with other Pionus enthusiasts from around the world. There's no other organization like us - and we hope you will consider joining. Membership is still a bargain at only $12.00 per year.

In the meantime, explore and enjoy the website and the beautiful Pionus parrots.

If you would like to contact me directly, please feel free:

Larry Ring



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