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A studbook is a data management device used by zoologists and other scientests to keep track of the bloodlines of a species or genus.

The PBA maintains studbook information on Pionus parrots. We hope to be able to one day provide interested breeders with the data they need to ensure that breeding pairs are not too closely related.

A common source of confusion about participating in the Studbook program involves the question of when to submit a studbook form for your Pionus. Here are some simple guidelines to follow:


Breeders should note that in order to record hatches, it is sufficient to send a form when you sell the babies or decide to keep them in your stock. It is not necessary to send in separate forms for the hatch, sale, as so on. However, we do encourage breeders and their clients to submit separate forms of a sale or trade. The additional information in the studbook helps provide a detailed history of a bird.

Pet owners

To prevent inbreeding and preserve good clean genetic lines, it is important to keep track of breeders which do not have a tattoo number, microchip ID or leg band. Submitting forms on the sale, re-pairing, or retiring of unbanded birds, and the offspring from such pairs, will help keep track of the birds and prevent an accidental pairing with their offspring in the event they are sold. To assist in identification of unbanded birds on the Studbook form, use the birds' names. Then, if the birds go to a new owner, tell him to record the birds by their names with the notation that they came from you.

Download a printable studbook form here in WORD format or Rich Text format.

Mail completed forms to

Pionus Breeders Association
Studbook Administrator
P. O. Box 451
Kendalia, TX 78027



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